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Built environments such as office or apartment buildings are intended to be as low risk environments as possible with every effort taken to minimise the risk of injury to those working or living in them. Although every effort is made to reduce risk the reality remains that accidents can and do occur and when they do the safe evacuation of occupants becomes an imperative. 

While on most occasions the evacuation process involves those within the building exiting without the assistance of others there are times when by virtue of an injury or infirmity a person is unable to walk themselves out of harms way. When this occurs and assistance is required you want the building to be equipped with aids which can be easily accessed so that those that need help can be assisted appropriately.  

While equipment such as a wheelchair may be of use in these circumstances they are not always suitable or indeed available which makes having a dedicated two person carry aid a must. Fleetseat is that carry aid and with a streamlined design and weighing less than 800 grams it is able to be stored in a convenient location or carried around in an emergency so that it is on hand to help evacuate those who need it. 

Designed for a range of response situations

The Fleetseat is designed for use in a variety of situations and environments including sporting events, schoolyards, buildings, disaster areas, military and para-military operations, hiking or in any kind of emergency. The Fleetseat is a must-have patient-carrying device for all situations.

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