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Serving in the military requires working in physically challenging environments where the chance of injury is high. Given this, it is imperative that armed forces are equipped with the tools required to not only successfully complete a mission but also to rescue a soldier who has been injured on the training grounds or on the front line. 

When it comes to rescuing or evacuating a soldier who has been injured while serving this means having equipment that allows for the quick and safe transportation of them from a potentially hazardous to a place, to one which is safe. One of piece of equipment which allows just two soldiers to do this is the Fleetseat. 

Fleetseat is a two-person-carry aid which can be carried on the body of military personnel during combat to ensure its availability for use immediate use when required. Weighing less than 800grams and capable of being deployed in just seconds, Fleetseat allows rescuers to maintain a tactical position while assisting in the evacuation of an injured soldier. Depending on the circumstances this may mean the difference between the injured solider or those charged with the responsibility of evacuating them from sustaining more injuries or potentially from losing their lives. 

Designed for a range of response situations

The Fleetseat is designed for use in a variety of situations and environments including sporting events, schoolyards, buildings, disaster areas, military and para-military operations, hiking or in any kind of emergency. The Fleetseat is a must-have patient-carrying device for all situations.

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