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Community events such as music festivals or scout jamborees are a great way to bring people together and have a good time. With lots of things to do and lots of people to do it with, these events have a profound and positive impact on local communities and provide attendees with memorable moments that last a lifetime.

While the benefits of hosting these types of events are numerous, there is always the risk that someone will injure themselves while doing things like dancing in the mosh pit or completing an obstacle course. Although these injures are generally minor in nature, some such as sprained ankles or twisted knees pose a problem for organisers whose responsibility it is to keep attendees safe. One of those problems is getting an injured person out of a highly congested or difficult to access area without anyone else getting injured or without the event being disrupted.

It is in situations like this that you need a piece of equipment on hand which can safely and quickly help remove the injured person from any potential dangers and to a place where they can receive further medical attention; that piece of equipment is Fleetseat.

Capable of being stored in a first aid kit or worn by an event medic, Fleetseat allows for the safe and fast transportation of a person suffering a lower limb injury. On top of that, by virtue of its proprietary weight distribution system and strategically placed carrier handles, the Fleetseat ensures that the transportation process is as safe and comfortable for both the carriers and the patient as it can possibly be.

Designed for a range of response situations

The Fleetseat is designed for use in a variety of situations and environments including sporting events, schoolyards, buildings, disaster areas, military and para-military operations, hiking or in any kind of emergency. The Fleetseat is a must-have patient-carrying device for all situations.

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