Testing has proven that the Fleetseat is capable of withstanding extremely heavy weight (150kg / 330 lbs), however carriers should only attempt to carry a patient who they can safely and comfortably carry. If at anytime a carrier or carriers feel they cannot safely use the Fleetseat they should immediately return to the injured person to a comfortable position and remove them from the Fleetseat.

The heaviest person that you can safely carry depends on your physical condition and in particular, how strong you are. It also depends on the physical strength and condition of the other carrier as safe usage of the Fleetseat depends on both carriers being capable of comfortably lifting and transporting the injured person.

The Fleetseat can be safely used by carriers of different heights provided that the disparity is not so great that it makes balancing the injured person in the seat difficult. As a rule of thumb, if you wouldn’t attempt a two-person-carry without the use of the Fleetseat because you feel as though the height difference between you and another carrier is too great, then you shouldn’t attempt a two-person-carry using the Fleetseat.

The Fleetseat is designed to help transport people who have suffered a lower limb injury. Safe usage requires the person being carried to follow simple instructions and as such, the Fleetseat should not be used to carry someone who has sustained a concussion as they may not be capable of following instructions provided to them by the carriers.

All users must read the Fleetseat instructions before use and it is strongly recommended that intended carriers practice using the Fleetseat prior to using it to carry an injured person.

The Fleetseat is incredibly strong and is capable of transporting an injured person over long distances. However, the distance that two carriers can safely carry an injured person will ultimately be determined by the physical capabilities of the carriers and the weight and comfort of the patient.

Yes, the Fleetseat is designed to be re-used. For the safety of all users, the Fleetseat should be cleaned in accordance with the cleaning protocols stated in the instructions.

The Fleetseat is designed to make performing the two-person-carry as safe and comfortable as possible, and designed for usage when the injured person is able to safely be brought to a standing position.

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