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The central focus of healthcare is rightfully on the health of the people who are being treated. While their health is without question important, the health and wellbeing of those entrusted with caring for the sick and injured is also of paramount concern to healthcare providers. It is for this reason that an increasing emphasis is being put on adopting practices and utilising equipment which minimises and where possible eliminates the risk of a healthcare professional such as a nurses or aged care workers from injuring themselves while caring for a patient. 

The emphasis on preventing injuries to healthcare workers is a result of the fact that healthcare workers, by virtue of lifting and moving of patients, are at a significant risk of sustaining musculoskeletal disorders. While existing practices can and indeed do reduce the risk of injuries of this kind, the reality remains that more can be done to further minimise the chance of injury to healthcare professionals. 

One way in which the risk of a lifting injury can be reduced is by using a Fleetseat to assist in the lifting and moving of patients. Operable by just two healthcare workers the Fleetseat, by virtue of its bio-mechanically optimised design, allows healthcare workers to easily and safely move a patient. While this make the work of healthcare professionals safer, it also helps to maintain patients comfort and dignity thus making the Fleetseat a highly valuable piece of equipment in healthcare settings. 

Designed for a range of response situations

The Fleetseat is designed for use in a variety of situations and environments including sporting events, schoolyards, buildings, disaster areas, military and para-military operations, hiking or in any kind of emergency. The Fleetseat is a must-have patient-carrying device for all situations.

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