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Whether it be individual sports such as tennis or team sports like baseball or football, sports are a great way to keep fit and stay healthy. While there are plenty of good things about playing sport, there is the unfortunate reality that injuries such as sprained ankles or twisted knees will sometimes occur.  

When an injury does happen, it is important the players receive the best possible treatment as quickly as possible. Sometimes this treatment can be administered on the field, other times if may requires the player being carried from the field for further treatment. When it comes to lower limb injuries such as sprained ankles for twisted knees, the easiest, safest and fastest way to transport an injured player from the field, pitch or court is by using Fleetseat. 

Fleetseat is a lightweight, portable and easily deployable two-person carry aid used by sports trainers, physios and medicos to make transporting an injured person easier and safer than it has ever been. Furthermore it allows them to do this in a way that ensures the patient/player are not touched in an inappropriate way while being carried from the field, something which is particularly important when treating junior athletes.  

Designed for a range of response situations

The Fleetseat is designed for use in a variety of situations and environments including sporting events, schoolyards, buildings, disaster areas, military and para-military operations, hiking or in any kind of emergency. The Fleetseat is a must-have patient-carrying device for all situations.

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